12. October 2017
Who is to blame for out of date content online?

05. October 2017
Not sure what to talk about on Social Media or your Blog?

29. September 2017
Sometimes I have to shake my head when looking at business posts on Facebook. In this case it is a business writing a long post about how they are behind schedule on getting to their customers and Thanking them for their patience. This is a public post on a business Facebook page. Most customers do their homework when hiring a business, so with TWO CLICKS they would see the same business has an ad looking for more work on Kijiji and in their ad they refer customers to check out their Facebook...

28. September 2017
Blogging! Is it worth it? Well I am about to find out. I figure it will be a good outlet to share my thoughts about the marketing I see online. What works what doesn't work and to have some fun. Marketing is about talking to people and people always love to have fun so why not make your marketing fun and exciting. I hope you enjoy my blogs. Cheers, Melissa

28. September 2017
Does it matter what the weather is outside when you posting content on social media? YES! Customer buying is directly driven by the weather, so when you are creating content for social media make sure you are flexible to reschedule your postings to reflect the weather. For example: If you are selling clothing, don't post about new socks on a day that you know the weather is going to be 35 degrees. Have content already saved so that you can easily move it around. It does matter!