Fake or Fact Marketing


 I see a lot of posts and ads online for Free Social Media Marketing Advice.  For example:


Download this strategy and save hours of your time!


Free Social Media calendar!


Learn Social Media in just hours!


Marketing and Social Media Marketing are words being used by anyone these days.


The business/person behind these offers could be true experts but How do you know?


Well, let's cut through the bull and tell some truths.


Someone that has lots of followers is not a Social Media Marketer.  Followers can be fake and bought.  


Being successful in social media Marketing is more than just posting a few posts it is about marketing online

Understanding the business, branding,  customer service, customer behaviour, Yes and even psychology.  


Social Media Marketing also includes sales because a good strategy comprises of what I call "hardcore posts"  which means posts promoting products or services directly.



You CAN'T learn Marketing in a few hours, days or weeks; it comes from a combination of education, practice, and continual learning.  What works for one business will not work for another.    Social media is a platform for marketing/sales of your business, and these platforms are ALWAYS changing; therefore you have to be in the know to keep your business leading.



Many businesses chose to give the responsibility to someone in the office usually the administrative assistant.  Given the right training and right personality fit, this could be a  good thing.   We have seen how one wrong word or one inappropriate post on social media can bring a firestorm.  Even if you have a small following one mistake can go virtual.  


Marketing should be connected with the goals of the business.


I often hear that young people know social media, partially correct.  Young people use the personal side of social media and something like Facebook ads, creative hub and analysis would not be in their experience.  


Running a business is about putting the right person in the right positions.  An employee/new hire could express their love of social media, and they have lots of followers.  But do they know marketing?

If you want a professional job call a professional, would you call a plumber to fix your roof?  


So what makes a professional or expert in Marketing?


An expert understands marketing concepts and has gotten real results.  Walks the TALK!

A marketing expert is someone that is a creative doer, tries, tests executes, fails, and learns on a continual basis.


You never stop learning in Marketing, one of the reasons I love it so much.


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