Creative Mess!

Are you creative?  We have all been there, staring at a blank screen wondering what to write.  It can be a challenge for even the most experienced marketers.  Today I want to talk about the core of marketing, which to me is being CREATIVE.  When you are hiring someone or outsourcing your marketing to a business you have to know that they are creative in the content, presentation and generating ideas.  


Some business owners tell me they are not creative and have no idea what I could come up with ideas.  That is the sweet spot.  A creative person is always finding fun creative ways to market your business, even if it is the same service or products.  It has to add value to your business.  


Being creative can't be learned, and you can be creative in different areas of your life and marketing is just not your thing.  Many business owners/managers are very creative but the biggest challenge is the time. If marketing for your business is not a full-time job, find a business that can help take those ideas and bring them to life.   Success in marketing is not a one-shot deal, it is built over time.


With the access to social media software, stock photos and videos, Marketing business is popping up everywhere.  Everyone can do social media marketing, right?  No!  


You can all the resources available to you too but if your not a creative thinker and don't have the time to focus on marketing.  Find that creative business or person that can help your business grow.

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