Good Social Media Help is hard to Find!

You can't take it anymore, Social media is just not your thing.  You can't be good at everything, so coming to the point when you realize your time is more important in other areas of your business is the first step.  You don't have experienced staff to help you so you start looking for a business to help.


Before you start looking, ask yourself are you comfortable with not meeting the person?  There is a lot of options when hiring someone to manage your social media.  You could hire someone in a different country if you want.  I do suggest hiring a business that understands your customers, not just what they read on a marketing report.  They should know the culture, community, etc.  For example, I work with clients within the Maritimes, I'm a Maritimer so I understand the culture and people.  Connection to your target audience is key.  Of course, if you want to meet in person, local is the way to go.  


How do you find this business?  I have heard from clients that have posted on Kijiji, looking for someone.  They were approached by people/businesses from all over the world.  And some clients that have meant people locally that sounded really good, paid a deposit (should never do) and got nothing in return.  Don't get me wrong Kijiji is great and I have found great clients off the site.  If you post on Kijiji be prepared.   There are many other sites as well, Google of course, type in social media manager, social media business, etc.  You can search on LinkedIn, and any of the social media sites.  You can post a job ad and best of all ask other businesses.


How to know if the person or business is the right one to hire?


The first question is ask for references, current social media sites, and work history.  This is a job whether it is casual, part time or full time, the business will be part of your team and you have to have the right fit.  If their social media sites are not current and active, chances are they are not the right one.  I have heard from clients who asked 4 or 5 different businesses for quotes and never heard anything back.  You shouldn't have to chase a business to give them your money.  You should receive professional timely responses.  


A very important question? Do you trust this person/business?  To grow your business with social media marketing, you are going to have to take risks.  You have to be open to new ideas.  You have to trust that they have your businesses best interest in mind.  The person/business must also understand your brand and your level of risk taking. 


When clients ask why I'm in the social media business.   I respond that I am passionate about growing small/medium businesses.  I believe they are the back done of the communities and as a mother, I don't want my children to have to move away for good jobs.  My focus is to create fun creative social media marketing that will grow your business.


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