Content Finder!

Not sure what to talk about on social media or your blog. 

It is all around you every minute of the day.  It could be a common question from customers, details about a certain product or service, if it makes a customers life easier....then talk about it.  Working in your business everyday we can take for granted the knowledge we have about the business. 


It helps to pretend that you are a new customer and know nothing about the business,  how would you explain the business to that customer. Then take key pieces and pull it apart to create themes...congrats you have started your content strategy. 


The key point here is that the content is within you, no one knows your business better than yourself.  


Types of things to schedule in your content strategy!

  • Goals or objectives for the month.  This will help you with creating a promotional calendar around your business.
  • Business Promotions – Sales, Launches, New Products, New Programs, Special Offers, Free Shipping)
  • Engaging Content – This is content that is meant to get your customers interacting with you! Could be funny graphics or asking your audience questions to get them talking.
  • VALUE – The most important thing to plan out is the value you’re going to provide. How are you contributing to your audience and what makes them stay connected to you? This could be free training, resources, tips, or even stories.
  • Blog Posts – Sharing blog posts is an excellent way to drive traffic and provide value!
  • Curated Content – This is content you share from other people.
    ***QUICK TIP – Keep a list of 5-10 resources you can pull content from to share with your audience.
  • Holidays – Is there a holiday you want to celebrate?
  • Behind the Scenes – Let them see you  behind the scenes.

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