Two Clicks!

Sometimes I have to shake my head when looking at business posts on Facebook.  In this case it is a business writing a long post about how they are behind schedule on getting to their customers and Thanking them for their patience.  This is a public post on a business Facebook page.  Most customers do their homework when hiring a business, so with TWO CLICKS they would see the same business has an ad looking for more work on Kijiji and in their ad they refer customers to check out their Facebook page, where they will find the post I am referring too....a BIG RED FLAG to any customer.


This is where a Marketing Strategy comes into place, how does the business manage their marketing through a period of back orders?   This is not the way!

As a business you have to think like your customer, how would you want to be treated as a customer waiting.  Customer service should be done directly (privately) to those customers. In a situation like this, this business will experience loss of current customers, negative word of mouth, negative comments on the post (which happened) and a decline in new customers.

Every business will experience  moments when they have too much business, it is a good problem to have and no one wants to say No to sales.  What stands out to customers is how you manage your business during this time.  Business owners don't have to be alone during this period.  Being a great leader is knowing when to pull in the resources you need to make your business successful, so call someone that can help.  Scheduling, communications, marketing, work it through internally and then action a plan.